Why Should I Speed Up My Wordpress Website? (and what should I do?)

How To Speed Up Your UK Wordpress Site - The Solution - Glue Web Design

One of the most overlooked parts of website design and SEO is the actual speed of your website. Believe it or not, some sites are a lot faster at loading than others. Sure, we’re not in the 90s any more, so it’s not as obvious to the end-user. However, subtle differences can have a large […]

My Secret Solution: How To Speed Up UK Wordpress Sites in 2022

How To Speed Up Your UK Wordpress Site - The Solution - Glue Web Design

So here it is, my official tried and tested method to speed up UK Wordpress websites. I’ve been working on site performance since the year 2000, and I know that this is the current ultimate solution for 2022! Why should I increase my Wordpress site speed? Simply put, to make sure Google loves your site, […]

Our first official Google review from a New Client

Many thanks to the renowned Norfolk artist Nicholas Elliott for the kind Google Review on our new Google Local / Business listing. We worked on a full redesign and upgrade of nicholaselliott.co.uk over the last few weeks, and delivered on what he required. A snapshot of the new website is below: As well as the […]

Web Design Near Me

website design near me - Glue Web Design Norwich Norfolk Suffolk Cambridgeshire

‘Where can I get a website designed near me?’ I hear you ask. It’s definitely nice to be able to find a top-rated local web design service, rather than have to search for one miles away. At Glue Web Design we are here to help anyone from around the world with their website needs. However […]

Do you offer post-website project launch support?

Yes! At Glue Web Design we know the support element for any website is fundamental for the future of the site itself, and the sanity of you, the owner. What kind of website support (and app support) do you offer? We offer everything, from help using your CMS (content management system), through to updating the […]

I’ve got a website but it needs an MOT and redesign, can you help?

If you’ve already got a website but you need it serviced and/or redesigned then you’ve come to the right place. We can happily give it a full MOT check-up, service, and a design update. We will check under the bonnet to see how it’s performing, update the software mechanics, add some oil, update the locks/alarms, […]

How do I order a website or app from Glue Web Design?

To order a site or an app from Glue Web Design, it’s really quite easy. These are the steps: You put your order through (once you’ve decided on which package or custom-creation you need). We discuss with you what you need to be implemented into your new site or app. You send over your plans, […]

Where is Glue Web Design?

Glue Web Design is located in the beautiful city of Norwich, in Norfolk (East Anglia), England, UK (formerly part of the EU). We happily serve local customers, located near us, as well as clients who are further away (anywhere around the world in fact). Get in touch now to find out how we can create […]