Why not use a ‘basic’ tool like Wix or Squarespace instead of hiring a professional web designer?

There are quite a few reasons why using a basic tool like Wix or Squarespace might not be right for your needs.

You need to invest a lot of your personal or work time to actually create your site using these tools.

Believe it or not, you still need to take time to learn how the content management system works, and then you will have to put the entire site together yourself.

The end design might not be what you first set out to get.

If you want a website designed exactly as you envisioned from day 1, then it might be hard to find a template or other way of getting it through a basic system like Wix or Squarespace. It might even mean you end up hiring a web designer to work on your site to correct it, and bring it back to what you want.

You may not be aware of the limitations of these systems.

Wix and Squarespace have developed and become more complex over the years, but there will always be limitations on the amount of customisation you can put into place.

You won’t get the support that you might need.

Whether it’s help with the overall design of the site, or simply help using the content management system, you might find that there’s no-one apart from a robot there to help when you need it.

Rest assured, if you have a Wix or Squarespace site and you need a web designer to step in and redesign, manage, or adjust, just let us know as we are here to help.

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